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Dil Ka Kya Kasoor Songs: The Evergreen Hits of Nadeem-Shravan and Kumar Sanu

Dil Ka Kya Kasoor Full Movie HD 1080p

Dil Ka Kya Kasoor is a 1992 Hindi-language musical melodrama film directed by Lawrence D'Souza. It stars Divya Bharti and debutant Prithvi with Suresh Oberoi, Sanam and Laxmikant Berde in supporting roles. The music of the film, from the duo Nadeem-Shravan, was an instant hit due to its catchy melodies. The film was a musical bonanza, but failed to create an impact at the box office becoming a box office bomb. Despite its failure, the performance of Divya Bharti as the main protagonist received praise and is considered one of her best performances.

dil ka kya kasoor full movie hd 1080p


The film revolves around Shalini Saxena (Divya Bharti), the only sister of a rich businessman Rajesh Saxena (Suresh Oberoi), who falls in love with her classmate Arun Kumar (Prithvi) after he performs a song which was authored by her under a pseudonym. But she doesn't tell Arun about this because he doesn't like her; he thinks Shalini is a spoiled rich girl; she had behaved thus a few times with him and some others. Without disclosing his own identity or purpose, Shalini's brother Rajesh goes to meet Arun, only to find out that he is an orphan, is from an underprivileged background and is living in a hostel room, since he doesn't have a house of his own. Arun also rejects any help from Rajesh, as he would prefer to face the world on his own. Rajesh tells Shalini that he will only arrange her marriage to Arun if Arun reaches a status in society comparable to theirs.

Shalini knows that Arun is a good singer because he often sings at college functions and decides to confess her love when Arun becomes what he deserves as she neither wanted to make her love bondage for Arun nor wanted to go against her brother. She tells her friend Madhu (Shehnaz Kudia) to use her money to start up a music/stage production company and indirectly encourages Arun to become a singer. She starts writing songs for Arun Kumar (without publishing them elsewhere), but still prefers to remain anonymous. Arun gets these songs from an editor Mr. Verma (Arun Bakshi), who tells him that these songs are written by a girl called Seema (who wishes to stay anonymous). Through her songs, Arun becomes popular and wealthy in a short while and wants to express his gratitude by meeting her, but Mr. Verma maintains Seema's anonymity, allowing Arun to correspond via letters.

Finally, Shalini's brother is ready to get her married to (a very successful) Arun, and also announces his intention to Shalini. But they soon find out that Arun has married the principal's daughter Meena (Sanam). The marriage was not the culmination of any romance, rather the apt thing to do when the principal (Subbiraj), who was a mentor to Arun, suddenly died, leaving his lone daughter behind without any support. Shalini then decides to remain unmarried for the rest of her life. However due to her love being remained unrequited and the heartbreak caused by it her health gradually deteriorates and she is hospitalized due to patches detected in her lungs.


The film has eight songs composed by Nadeem-Shravan and written by Sameer, Nawab Arzoo, Anwar Sagar and Madan Pal. The songs are sung by Kumar Sanu, Asha Bhosle, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Sadhana Sargam and Vicky Mehta. The songs are as follows:

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