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Satellite Communication Book By Dc Agarwal |WORK| Free Download

Satellite Communications (Covering latest Digital Satellite Technologies And Systems) by Dr. D. C. Agarwal Book Summary:Satellite communication is of much importance for both the national and international communications which may be in the form of telephone transmission, television and radio program distribution, computer communications, ISDNs, martime navigation and military command and control. Satellite communication is a very vast topic and involves several aspects of communication technology including both the analog and digital techniques. Communication engineers are therefore supposed to have appropriate knowledge in satellite technology, link design and operations. Knowledge in the additional topics such as those or radio wave propagation, antennas, orbital mechanics, modulation, detection, coding, radio electronics, microwave techniques, lasers and fibre optic communication etc. is also required. Intercooperation between the mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, communication engineers and aeronautical engineers is extensively needed for rocket technology for lauching and manning the satellite.

Satellite Communication Book By Dc Agarwal Free Download

Abstract:Future autonomous transportation is one of the most demanding application areas in terms of connectivity, as it has to simultaneously meet stringent criteria that do not typically go hand in hand, such as high throughput, low latency, high coverage/availability, high positioning and sensing accuracies, high security and robustness to interferences, etc. In order to meet the future demands of challenging applications, such as applications relying on autonomous vehicles, terrestrial networks are no longer sufficient and are to be augmented in the future with satellite-based networks. Among the emerging satellite networks, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) networks are able to provide advantages over traditional Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and Geo-Stationary Earth Orbit (GEO) networks in terms of signal latency, cost, and performance. Nevertheless, several challenges exist in LEO system design, which have not been fully addressed in the existing literature. In particular, the problem of LEO-system optimization of design parameters is a multi-dimensional problem with many aspects to be considered. This paper offers a comprehensive survey of the LEO-system design parameters, of the challenges in LEO system design process, and of the optimization methods for satellite communication, positioning, and sensing applications, as well as a summarizing discussion on the design considerations for LEO-based networks to support future autonomous transportation.Keywords: Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite networks; autonomous transportation; optimization criteria; multi-target design; space segment; ground segment; user segment

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For special purposes, other active elements have been used. For example, in the early days of the satellite communication, parametric amplifiers were used. The core circuit was a diode whose capacitance was changed by an RF signal created locally. Under certain conditions, this RF signal provided energy that was modulated by the extremely weak satellite signal received at the earth station.

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