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To some degree, the characterization of safety as a measure of the probability of near-term adverse events has obscured attention to the potential long-term risks of enhancement interventions. As at least one study has shown that a subset of recreational users of neurostimulation devices marketed for enhancement utilize the device much more frequently than in scientific protocols [88], the issue of safety with regard to chronic use may be of particular concern. Furthermore, there are questions regarding the long-term effects of implantable neurological devices. While current research focuses on mitigating foreign body responses and neuroinflammatory reactions in the short-term [119], such devices may interact with brain tissue in additional unknown ways or cause unforeseen health problems many years after implantation. Regulation focused on the long-term effects of emerging technologies, such as neurotechnologies for brain stimulation, often requires decision-making under considerable uncertainty, given the lack of longitudinal observations and data. In this context, a precautionary approach might be most appropriate [120].

oregon scientific bar 386 pdf download

In summary, neurotechnologies have the potential to significantly alter elements of the human experience. BCIs, particularly those utilizing artificial intelligence, can expand or disrupt senses of identity and agency for users. We recommend that users be given access to education about the potential psychosocial impacts of BCI use and that the collective international public, scientific, political, medical and corporate communities participate in an inclusive conversation about the elements of the human experience that should be preserved within this domain.


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