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Sighting the Hornbill

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

An early morning drive a few kilometers away from the Hyderabad city, we had a chance sighting of a hornbill pair. My Nikon camera went shoot but lo! they were already on the fly..

The motivation for the next morning was to be there and enjoy the sight of these threatened birds. Reached there at 6 AM and walked around the path a 3 km stretch. Anxiety galore on not seeing them for an hour and as we heading back just while entering our car - there was a call which we recognized....

Could not hide our anxiety , looked around and a sight to behold, there was the pair of magnificent hornbills perched on the tree. Click click went the camera to capture the best possible. A cloudy morning but nonetheless the joy of sighting the masterpiece of a divine creation , this pair made our morning and a great start for the day.

We prayed - Let sense prevail on humanity and preserve the nature for our flora and fauna to thrive !!!

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